We Tailor-make all of our menus to your needs!

Check out the welcome package below and start your adventure!!

What is the Process?

Like everything in life, we also have a process to make everything as easy as possible for you and for us. The picture below (which is included in your "Welcome to Your Culinary Adventure Package" after you fill the submission form. ) describes briefly a timeline of the process for your event. In regards to our menus, we tailor-make all of our menus to your desired cuisine, so buckle up and enjoy a stress free and flexible culinary adventure!! =D

Check Out Some Menus We Have
Done for Clients in The Past!! 

Please "DO NOT" choose items from the menus below for your proposal.
As a client, You will receive a personalized menu proposal with the specific needs for your event.
The main purposed of the menus below is to showcase examples from past experiences. 

Pairing Event


Graduation Party

Brunch Party



Thank you very much for giving us a chance to express our culinary art. We hope we can be the caterers you are looking for your event.