Just a Taste – One Session*


Just a Taste – One Session*

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*$100 Per Session Per Person.


For beginners looking for fun with a passion for cooking, let’s cook together.In this session we want to achieve what ever it is that you want to improve, learn or enjoy. Like we said before, it’s not about beginners or foodies, or skills, it’s just a time for cooking. We can make it how ever you want. Have in mind that as we go thru the class, we’ll be talking about the culinary techniques, ingredients history, cuisines and fun facts that are related to what we are doing.


What Includes:

  • One Session with Juli y Juan
  • 3 to 4 hours class
  • Recipes seen in class

What do we wish to accomplish with the cooking classes?

As we always say, for us the most important thing is to be contagious about the way we see life, and what better way to do this than to actually live the experience and guide you hand by hand in a journey thru our passion for this culinary arts.

It is not about how skilled you are, or how much or little experience you have when it comes to cooking. It’s about feeling, enjoying and doing it from the heart. Cooking with love while having fun it’s the most wonderful thing in life for us.

We are not looking to make of yourself a top chef, we want to be contagious of our understand and love for food, to reach out and discover it’s beauty, charm and healthy side, thru all it’s wonderful colours, flavours and infinite variety of combinations.

So come and join us in this culinary experience that will give you much more than just good recipes and techniques, it with fill you with passion and love for the art of cooking.


It all starts with Hello !!! it can be thru a call, an email or even a text (970.821.5116) message letting us know you want to have a Juli y Juan Cooking Class.

  1. Then we check our calendar for available dates. Once we find what work best for both, we set the date.
  2. After this, you can either tell us what it is that you are looking to gain from the cooking Class or we can advise depending on your desires and skills, remember this classes are totally personalised for you or your group.
  3. After we agree a date, you’ll receive within 3-4 days an email with all the Cooking Session information. We will send a grocery list, if you want to get them yourself (which we encourage you to do so), or for an extra $15 we can get the groceries for you that day.
  4. That is it, the rest is pure Magic!!! =D

What goes in the Classes?

We will go thru a variety of recipes, probably between 3-4 per session. They can go from: Poultry, beef, bread, desserts, seafood, appetizers or a complete menu for an upcoming dinner that you have, in which you would love to do something to impress your guests or just try new things. It is all up to you, flexibility is one of our best qualities!!!

How it Works:

  • Estimated length: 3-4 hours.
  • Schedule by appointment
  • Personalise class at your home
  • Groceries NOT included in Price.