For those looking for a more hands-on experience, join us for one of our Workshops where we share the tips and techniques that we use to cook with Love.




How to Calculate my Cost per Person?

Person = $85* | Couples = $150*

*Prices may vary depending on distance of the event, special menus and dietary restrictions.

A Gastronomic Gathering!!

Are you looking for a different experience around food, friends & family at home???. This crazy gastronomic gatherings are reviving that special time of fun, laughter, cooking, eating & drinking around the kitchen.

Whether you like to get your hands on food or hands on wine, you are in for a treat!! There is only one expectation, and that is to have a great time, enjoy the art, laugh a lot and we will take care of the rest.

 Groups: Minimum of 4 and a Maximum of 16 (if you have a bigger group let us know to work it out).

Our Cuisine: Stretches from Mediterranean, French, Italian, Mexican, Asian Flares & more. We call our concept “Creative Fusion Cuisine”; where we bring flavours and textures from all over the world into our cooking.

Our Menus: Are changing all the time. We love the idea that every event is a unique experience and for this we personalize each menu to your palate.

Logistics: Every workshop can last from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the menu. We will arrive to your home with groceries and the necessary equipment to make the fun happen.

Includes: Grocery shopping, cooking class, set up and clean up. Plus we will send the recipes in a cool online booklet presentation.

Save The Date: a non-refundable deposit, that will guarantee that the day we are all yours. =D

The only prerequisite is to have your hearts open to live the experience and enjoy a great time while indulging in the pleasure of good eats in a healthy and balance way.

Check Our WorkShop Classes!*

*Price per person per class.