The Love for a Mother is Like No Other!!


“Happy Mothers Day!!”

In my experience there is something amazing about families that hold together; a great mother. This day we had the opportunity to experience once again, the love of a family for their mother, and it makes me want to throw everything and go take a plane and hug my own mom. The Lanoha family has that special ingredient that makes it so special, that special ingredient that balances so many souls together and actually share a moment and create amazing experiences. I am talking about a family that when they get together they round about 30, and I am sure that this is not counting the ones that cant make it for that day. For Juli & I, coming from big families we understand the joy and great atmosphere that this means. Marcia, you deserve every minute of everyone that was present in this great mothers day. You deserve it, for being someone to admire, to look up to, to be there with. Obviously Dave you keep her happy and for that we wont leave you out!! hahah You two are admirable.

I could keep writing but I am already missing my mom, to much and my eyes are all watery and I need to stop, and just be thankful for this great opportunity, for inviting us to cook and be part of this great memories!! We love you and hope that together we can continue to make more memorable stories in life.

This is Juli y Juan practically crying of joy as we say… We miss you Mamá!!! Until the next event, we hope you all enjoy this fabulous life with the people you love.

Have Fun With the Video!!

What an Awesome Moment!!