Juliana Trujillo Escobar

Chef & Food Artist

Photo by  John Robson .| Colorado

Photo by John Robson.| Colorado


It all started...

Born in Medellin – Colombia, may 16th, 1985. Lived in what felt like an infinite ranch/city, until I was 11 years old. Then, my parents moved to Mexico were we jumped from place to place for 18 years. This period of consistent changes in my life created in me a personality with a mixture of cultures, fighting for survival and adaptability within myself and my surroundings. As my life settled in Mexico, it left a deep and unconditional love for this wonderful country and it’s people…my people; it’s fascinating history and off course it’s gastronomy, world icon of tradition and uniqueness. All this without forgetting my roots, my homeland Colombia and all it’s significance in my life. Since I was 18 years I’ve been working, giving myself the chance to discover my strengths and weaknesses in the kitchen and at the same time, immersing into all kind of gastronomies, places, business and much more that had to do with cooking. Each and every one of them so different, so apart and at the same time so alike. Small bistros, big restaurants, catering services, schools, french cuisine, mediterranean, haut cuisine, chocolate sculptures and much more. From owner of my own restaurant in Playa del Carmen – Riviera Maya, private chef for a high end Boutique Hotel, to executive chef at the Mexican Embassy in the United States. I am positive that everything in life happens for a reason, and all my culinary adventures, just as all my other jobs, happened the way they did because I had to find myself through the experiences I was living day by day. Now I can see that not until I knew that cooking was the heart within my passion in life, that I was going to be ready for the challenge of my existence. My latest approach has been to try and understand the meaning of a gastronomic gathering, but not just about the nutrition part, but the art and the intention behind everything we do with love and consciousness. For me it goes beyond structures, it nests in the soul and spirit of our work. After doing a gastronomic tour between Mexico and USA for 4 months and 13 states, my partner and I saw a great opportunity and started a food company 4 years ago in a gorgeous little city in northern Colorado, Fort Collins. It has been a magical adventure since. We have set a goal; to restructure, reanimate, understand, admire and respect food, in all of it senses, from the moment you grow it, to the moment you serve it and make it part of your body. We see that there has been a mishandle and an unappreciated approach to what nature provide for us, and I feel I am here to help balance the perspective again through love, understanding, community, equality, art, health, respect and all the virtues that bring the best version of ourselves. How much would I do? Who knows, I guess we will all check balances at the end of our life. 

So this is me, passionate about life, art, nature, health, dreams and good food of course. I love how life shows us new things everyday, and surprises us with all that we can do and create when we really want it from the heart, without desire or lust, but with great love and acceptance.

After 34 years of walking among great experiences, I feel more than lucky, because I can say that I belong to the small group of people that their passion in life is the livelihood; to have found in the kitchen and community the perfect formula to express my curious and creative personality, alongside my love for the good life.