Catering Madness!!!

What an amazing crazy weekend we had in Vail!! It all started with an invitation to Gourmet on Gore in VailLittle did we knew we where going to a crazy adventure that lasted about 3 days. So we left from Fort Collins in our truck with plenty of coolers filled with delicious foot!! As we arrived in Vail, this just got crazy we cooked and cooked for hours and hours, it was an amazing time!! 

The first day we gave our time and food to the Veterans of Vail, at Bo Bridges Gallery and what an amazing art!! Awesome!! Day two & Three we had a tent where we served Baja Style Fish Tacos & Pibil Pulled Pork Tacos as well. What can I say!! We had a line that was three tents long, people was standing for about 20 minutes to try our food!! it was a great surprise for us!! We had never thought something like this was going to happen!! It was a great surprise. We served over 1800 Tacos during this weekend!! 

The second day we also had an amazing surprise as we where on the Cover or the Vail Daily News!! Hahah Now that was crazy!! Well the rest I am just going to leave it to the pictures and the video to describe the story!!! But thanks to James Deighan and Their amazing staff!! as we as our team with Mackenzie Matz and Estée Laturnus.

Al the love and until our next adventure!! this is Juli y Juan says!! Taco Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos!! =D