True Pleasures of Making Friends 

The Joys of Catering Weddings and Making Friends.

This was definitely an adventure from beginning to end. Meeting Jeremy and Casey at a bridal show was an instant "Zing". Well actually the "Habanero Sauce" was the one that made the magic happen... and we are completely happy what came after this encounter. 

The Tasting

This incredible experience happen in their beautiful home with some friends and we had the pleasure to express our love for food, gatherings and creating amazing chemistry amongst new friends... there was only one problem... we forgot the Habanero Sauce, and it was not until their wedding that Jeremy was going to be able to taste it again. 

The Hurdles of Life

This adventure, like any other in life, was full of amazing moments and some kind a complicated. For a few months we had thought we where not going to be able to cater their wedding due to technicalities, but I know that in this occasion and thru the help of great friends we where all able to made it in the last day. But this is just life, one must follow their heart for what they really want, and very proudly I can say that Jeremy & Casey did follow theirs. Thank you guys!!

To Husband & Wife; 

We Love You. You are a great example of why we love what we do. Can't wait to keep having fun in life together. Enjoy this amazing pictures!!... and thank you for fighting of us, we wish you an eternity of adventures. 


To Our Collaborators

Della Terra Mountain Chateau, what an amazing and gorgeous venue. You guys have our approval on recommendation 100%. We loved all the experience and hope we can work together again. 

Dobodo Events, thank you so much for your professionalism. We could have not done it without you for sure. 

Day's At Camp your photography is outstanding!! Every time you perform your art, we get to keep the treasure moments that you capture, and we are forever grateful. =D 

People: 80
 | Place: Della Terra | City: Estes Park



To My Love

You are everything!! It is your magic that keeps me rolling in life. Thank you for sharing it with me. I feel complete. Love you boba.