A New Helper that Will be Missed!

The Joy of Sharing...sure?

Nothing like having a great event on this amazing season!! Colors, flavors, friends, family and lots but lots of sweets!! haha This event had a special guest; Juli's sister was amongst us... Yes this elf below is Laura.  


Quite the specimen on earth, but with an amazing an lovable heart... I mean just check out those lips, and that nose and the ears for got sake!!... so yes, she is one of Santa's little helper with us today to make some magic!!


This fun-tastic day took place in the gorgeous city of Denver. It was created for some incredible friends... Liz and Guy thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and for allowing us to share our passion for food and sharing.

Private Chef...Trade of Love

It is amazing how life trades you so much. How life takes you on this crazy adventures where it also asks you the same in return. This is the joy of life for Us. It is a collaboration of energy, a moment of learning from the experience life is offering. One thinks about why people becomes cooks, chefs, etc. Some do it for fame, some because they enjoy the eating, the smelling, some because it is a handy entertainment...the list is long and crazy. I have known chefs who are great people, and other who are just incredible self consumed in their ego, I have seen women, man, and everything in the middle.

But..Why we do it? I believe is because of the Love. The innocent love of keeping our hearts and minds involved in the mystery of imagination and creation, in this so powerful, yet forgotten art. We are only here to play and have fun, it keeps our hearts at peace, and our love vibrant. But the real question is:

Why would you Cook?...

Enjoy this fun pics from the event.