It is an Honor to Help Make Dreams Come True.

Catering a Wedding

There is something very special when you become part of someones dream. In our case we are all about food, all about making that aspect of a wedding ceremony as special as we see it is.

In our new venture around weddings we have realize that food has become something not that important, something like a must do to keep guests happy... obviously this has been our perception so far in Colorado. Well I have to say that in our minds and hearts we are here to help change the faith of food. We want to rescue this lost art and make it again an elemental experience of a wedding. 

Catering at the Mish

Thanks to Taylor Strope, owner of Mountainside Events who contacted us to to help out with this incredible opportunity. The entire development of this wedding was something new to us, and that is what we look forward every time we venture into a new food adventure. 

The wedding was a success, 120 guests has their tastebuds completely satisfied and smiles where everywhere!! it was a beautiful day and one that it will go for the memories of many for a long long time. 

Thank you all for a great opportunity.