Things Got Feisty Delicious!!! 

Amazing Food & Whiskey Pairing 

I have to state that Juli & I did not like whiskey when Joan & Jamie approach to us to open up the possibility of creating a Whiskey paring with our food. I have to say that in our mind this presented a challenge beyond our believe... Juli & I looked at each other and said... "How are we going to come up with a menu that paired with a drink that we do not know anything!!" haha... so the adventure began. 

After researching in books, and reading about it here and there, we decide to ask Joan to give us a lesson to see if we could understand and decipher Whiskey from a pro. 

If you have never done something like it I have to say that I recommend it, it is a must in everyone. The way she explains and described her passion was enough for us to start understanding the flavors, aromas and textures of whiskey. Just enough so we could imagine what types of food would paired great with it. 

Then, we head back to the books again and everything made more sense! I will not say more as here is what happen that night in an amazing paring adventure between FEISTY SPIRITS & JULI Y JUAN'S KITCHEN, thru the eyes and lenses of the best photographer that we know in town: John Robson. 

Enjoy the Pictures!! And Juli & I want to say thanks to everyone that participated and helped us made this idea a reality!! Thanks to Feisty Spirits for the opportunity and the willingness to letting us share our passion for the culinary arts, along-side your passion. =D


Photo: John Robson

INFO: 20 People Event | Live Food & Whiskey Pairing | Fort Collins

"Special thanks to Kaarina Robson!!. Thank you for connecting us with the world!!! =D"

Check Out Some Amazing Photos Captured by The Best: Johnny Robson, from Days at Camp

Thank you for every minute you spent with us. We cherish you time like anything else. 

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