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For a personal gastronomic experience like no other, our Private Chef service will leave you with bellies full, endless laughs, and memories that last a lifetime.

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The Private Chef Experience

What is the Cost per Person?

Cost is = $100 per person*

*Prices may vary depending on distance of the event, special menus and dietary restrictions.

We like to work in two ways: Casual & Sit Down

Casual: If what you have in mind is a buffet-style setting, a more laid-back dinner, this is what you are looking for. It does not matters if it is in your home, work, or any other place of your choice, we can always figure it out.

Sit-Down: If you don’t want your guests to serve themselves, but rather be served, then this is your ideal choice. It does not matter if it is in your home, work, or any other place of your choice, we can always figure it out.

Groups: From 6 up to 35 persons ( if need more please let us know).

Logistics: We find the ideal way is always to have the opportunity to cook in your home. Whether you have kitchen toys or we bring some of our own, it always guarantees freshness, quality, and a welcoming feeling for your guests.

Our Menus: Are changing all the time. We love the idea that every event is a unique experience and for this we personalize each menu to your palate. 

Included in the Service:

  • Going to your destination
  • Grocery shopping
  • Personalized Menu
  • Appetizers ( two to three items )
  • Plated dinner ( bread service + 3 course dinner)
  • Clean up
  • One Server/kitchen assistant
  •  Our love -  =D

“Want to add more? Just lets us know.”

Save the Date: We need $100 non - refundable to set your day apart.

If you need extra equipment, such as tables, linens, chairs, silverware, etc, and or personal, such as waiters, servers, bartenders, etc. This will represent an extra cost.