Juan andres
Rodriguez palazuelos

Art Director & Sous Chef

Photo by   John Robson  .| Colorado

Photo by John Robson.| Colorado


It all started when...

Born in San Diego, 18th of may 1980. Lived in a small town called El Sauzal de Rodriguez – Baja California, a place where there was nothing in between my brothers, me, and nature all around us. A small fishing town that on one side we had the pacific ocean and in the other the majestic desert of Baja California, such a beautiful place to grow, tranquility all around it. We lived there until I was 11, when we moved to Mexico City. It was not an easy adjustment, but for sure this change only made me more determined and convinced about what I wanted for myself in the future.

I studied Medicine in Mexico for almost two years, but I realized that the allopathic approach was not what I felt about Medicine, and the importance that has in our lives, so I decided to go for my other passion in life, art. In all the coming and going in my past years, I had the chance to live in the United States and Mexico back and forward, working, living and studying. I finished my high school in New Trier, IL, went back to Mexico, and then had the chance to come back to Connecticut to study my degree in Marketing & Design. Here I found the way to express myself and the way I see life. I never quit on Medicine, always worked my way thru, to work with companies that had to do with health and a better way of living, never forgetting my focus in life.

What I look for life and in everything that I involve myself into, is the improvement of life itself. Everything I do, I look for a way to evolve it in a more efficient way of functioning. The paths my life has taken me, have taught me that there is nothing more valuable that a great experience, no matter what it is. Most of us live doing what we do in search for that amazing experience, and that is where I always focus my work into.

I have a huge passion and a Philanthropic mind, I am one of those individuals who is in constant search to make our world a better livable place. Very happy and enthusiastic about life, and about living the moment. I have a great respect for the great values that makes us better persons, some will say I am antiquated, but I do love to think that there’s nothing more important in life than our own word. To maintain this in an impeccable level is not an easy task, but is one that is worth working for the rest of our journey in this world.

Lately I decided to do a masters in Biological Naturist Medicine, as I believe that there is a better way to achieve health thru a better education and a more wide culinary knowledge. As of today, this is my crusade in life, and I intend to keep researching.