We are Honored to Be Part of History!!


Mishawaka Centennial Anniversary!!

Little have we been around this amazing City of Fort Collins, and the way it has embraced us is something we take our hats off and bow with our hands in our hearts, as we say Thank you. This time we were invited by Dani Grant owner of The Mishawaka and Taylor Walker owner of Mountainside Events, to cater the Centennial Anniversary of The Mishawaka at the Museum of Discovery here in gorgeous Fort Collins.

The event was an invitation only to 100 lucky people, and it was a pleasure to see many known faces, to see those amazing people who are inspiring Juli & I to become part of this great Community. You all know who you are and by the way, You ROCK!!!! =D

The event took place, around 6:00pm and as people where walking thru the doors, we where busy bringing our culinary art into the display table! I could tell you the menu but you should just click on the link on your right and check it out for your self!! MMMM!!!

In the Amphitheater, Nick & Amy from PostParadiseBand where filling the ambiance with out of this world music!!, and that incredible background design, I mean, it just all came together into one huge piece of art!! The collaboration & love of many artist minds was why this event was an absolute success!!

We are forever grateful to those who made us part of this, and opened up a great opportunity and better yet, their hearts.

Until next time, Juli y Juan say LONG LIVE THE MISH!!! & Happy Centennial Anniversary!!!

Enjoy this Fun Video!

Pictures of the Event!