One Day to the Rockstar Ladies!!


And It all Began!!

This event we had the opportunity to do a Drop-Off Catering at Galvanize in Fort Collins with one AMAZING Woman!! Maria E. Gregori you are someone true to admire!! Moving a great company called Leading Learners LLC, which gives great opportunity to young people to have a one-on-one academic coaching and tutoring to help excel in their studies as they become responsible for their own education and independent paths. You can read tons about it in this link… 

Maria, we hope that our art was something that you enjoyed, and that we met your expectations!! Thank you so much for one great opportunity!! We had an amazing time, and we are truly happy to have met you!! If you need anything in the future… well, now you know where to find us!! =D

For now this is Juli y Juan in year another adventure as we keep growing roots in this beautiful community of Fort Collins!! So we say Seee Yaaaa!!! ahh don’t forget to enjoy the video!! =D

Enjoy this Fun Video!!

How about some Pics???