Now this is what We call A Surprise Party!!

“3..2..1… Happy Birthday!!!”

This has been our first surprise birthday party that We remember and We have to say that the family members did an awesome job at keeping it a surprise!! What an amazing time we had. We did not know what to expect, until we got to the house next to a lake and what a great view!!

We could have not been happier to be around this amazing energetic group of friends and family!! One could definitely feel the love around them!! Once we got to the house, they made us feel just like home and we jumped into our train of cooking and laughing… at the end everything was gone, we had no leftovers, everyone had smiles in their faces, and that precise moment is when you get to realize that life is good… that you did your part and the event will go to the memories…

Thank to Taylor from Mountainside Events for being there and performing awesome on the bar!!

Nusser Family, thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, and we wish you many great birthdays!! Mary we love being part of your day!! Thank you!! This is Juli y Juan saying 65 is a goooooood number to be at. =D

Enjoy this Fun Video!!

HoW About Some Pictures?