Drake’s Farmers Market ‘Goat For All’ Day!!

This adventure has been a rather interesting one… it all started with a full goat from Homestead Ranch, to butcher at home. This was definitely something new for us. Juli has not done this kind of butchering since Culinary School, and me, I had never even thought on having to do it, unless it was for survival. But you know life presents with this interesting surprises. Full on board with a small Youtube investigation on when and how to start, the adventure had already begun… it took us about 3 to 4 hours to do the work, but we where ready. I have to say that it was not easy for me to do this, and I do not know if this is something I would like to get myself into again. But never the less an experience for sure.

After having all the meat, we continue to what we love, cooking it. So that afternoon we just put some good old music, and let life flow as we started painting our culinary art. A little glass of wine, and the evening just evaporated in seconds, like a good old song that traps you into its melody web and suddenly you wake up as the song is done. We had spent all day on our feet, but doing something we love, which makes a world of difference. With our feet throbbing we went to bed as the next day we had a show to put on.

It’s early and the alarm buzzes… its time to hit the shower with your eyes still closed and bumping into the walls… and hope to stay awake. We brew some coffee in a new French Press my mom gave to us the week before, when she came to visit. We pack everything in the car and it was time to “Hit The Road Jack” as the old song says…

Nan Zimmerman, owner of Drake’s Farmers Market had invited us, as she wanted to promote some of her vendors products, and that is why we where here this day. We arrived and set up our place, and we let life be, we became the brush of our art, we just let it flow like the rivers of May. That is how we love to express our love in this Culinary Life Adventures. About 200 people later we where done. Drake’s Farmers Market shut down as we put together our circus. I have to say that it was a bless to have had some friends over, it is always amazing to see the faces of your friends as they approach with a smile, and there is just so much energy at the stage that, you can not help yourself jump into a hug. Thank you guys for stopping by, it means the world to Us. At the end, we fold our last table, give a huge thanks to Nan, and her smile said it all! I have never seen her so happy… and just as that moment happens, you know you did something good here, and that is why we love to do what we do.

This is Juli y Juan saying Thank you for this cool time and adventure!! We hope you enjoy our fun little video and even better we hope to see you in our next location, wherever that is!! So be true to yourself and never forget that “Food is Medicine”.

Enjoy Our Fun Video Adventure!

How About Some Pictures?