What a great Adventure!

There is nothing more fun and interesting than a new adventure. Specially one that the main purpose is to make other people’s life better. For those reasons you can always count with Us. This adventure started with a call from Jennifer Lauren from The Family Center/La Familia, which is an organization that is dedicated to help parents who are in need of a daycare and can’t figure in their financial plans a place. We had no idea what where where getting ourself into, but as much as we are not about competing, the other part that we are really interested… helping. So we where sign up for the Chef Challenge for Children.

Chef & Venues

So the idea was that a few Chefs in Fort Collins where going to be paired with restaurants, bars and coffee places. Then each chef had to come up with a dish or two that paired with their venue… and to spark things up, the biggest sponsor was Noosa Yoghurt, and why not, we had to include it in our dish. So we got paired with The Bean Cycle Roasters, and we had to come out with something… which was our fun part.

We have never had the opportunity to paired our food with coffee before, so as great nerds that we are, we decided to go over the entire process of teaching our brains about coffee. We decided to go check the place, meet the staff and we even got a coffee pairing day… for those who drink lots of coffee and have never done this, we highly recommend it!! You learn so much, and you actually educate your palate. Thank you Leslie & Chaz for that wonderful experience!!

Then we went home and put our creativity into work!! We came out with two dishes;

1.- Brazilian Coffee Tiramisu, with lemon Noosa Yoghurt and chocolate shavings

2.- Caramelized pair Goat Cheese Spread, bacon bites, fresh Arugula & balsamic glazed on a crostini.

We had to pair this with an Cold Brew Arnold Palmer Coffee infused with ginger and apple juice.

The Day…

We woke up and it was time to pack our things and head over The Bean Cycle Roasters. They where supper kind to let us park in the back and as we walked into the building, there was already a sense of adventure! the kind that we love to have. So here we are, together with an amazing team; Derrick, Octavius, Juli Y Juan. the four of us, and with some more help obviously from The Bean Cycle Roasters.

The event went so smooth and fun and well I could keep telling you but what better than checking the pictures and the fun video!!

The Family Center/ La Familia Thank you so much for all the support and for this amazing opportunity!! This is Juli y Juan saying hasta pronto!!!


Enjoy Our Video Adventure!

Enjoy Some Pics!!