Get Up And Get Out; A Magic Moment.

Dear Get Up And Get Out Epicureans,

How amazing it is to see an idea grow into a tangible reality. It all started six months ago when we gave ourselves a book from one of our favorite Chefs, Francis Mallmann. The poetry of his books, our love of outdoors, good food, healthy environments, community gatherings, music, friends and arts, are some of the ingredients we wanted to combine for our next adventure. That night, like a broken spring bounced the idea of Get Up And Get Out. Not long ago, this amazing moment turned into a reality at Happy Heart Farms. I have to say that in order for magic to happen, one needs to THINK of something you really want, then to FEEL it, and finally to ACT upon it. We can all make our dreams come true, and that is exactly what happened on June 17th. We remember telling our idea not once or twice, but about many times to many different friends before it was taken as a reality, we needed to feel it, and once we did we hold to that emotion…but even then the concept was a little hard to express. It is something you feel in your heart, and you follow it by every small decision you make, just let your heart free, and he will guide you…

The Crew gets together…

We decided to get a bunch of artists together and let our hearts express, and play with our ideas, and just combine our individual way we understand love. This incredible team came together… We recruit and partner with Taylor Walker Strope who just launched her amazing Event Planner Company “Mountainside Events” which I am sure you have already heard about it. Together we grab our idea and kept looking for more artists. Chris A. McShay & Tom, jumped into the train to take care of the musical ambiance, which by the way, we where amazed by their incredible talents, and magnificent personalities. We needed some charismatic people that could help be the flow of the night, and for this we thought of two beautiful girls we have had the pleasure to play along their side, so we recruit Makenzie Matz, and Estée Laturnus. What amazing and fabulous souls, always smiling, understanding the moments, and giving the occasional so-needed-hugs to keep things flowing. I am the son of a photographer and love them, but I knew that I was not going to be able to take any so we decided to invite a photographer, and who better than someone we had just met. Her name is Marialena Fronczak owner of The Enchanted Journey!! What incredible pictures!! One amazing surprise was my college best friends and a life chosen brother John E. Hunt, that decided to surprise us by flying from New York to be part of this magical moment. He is a Travel Writer and Filmmaker who launched his company Wandrlustr and is working for the MLB at this time. He also helped us put together our first crazy adventure “Share The Love Tour” and is a Sous Chef as well, so foodie by nature. We wanted to pair our food with wine, and we where looking for someone local, which we strongly believe in supporting locals… Taylor found Ten Bears Winery, who made this part happen, they have their incredible location in Laporte. We needed a place to make this magical moment happen and Happy Heart Farm came across as life was just sending us into that direction, as when we where asking about it, a few great friends point us there. Thank you Dennis and Bailey Stenson, who are the founders of this amazing local farm, and Chloe and the entire Farm Crew for giving so much love to your plants.

Finding epicureans to enjoy…

Our next step was to gather epicureans who wanted to explore this moment we wanted to create… and we did. We had 36 amazing souls who wondered into the unknown. To all of you, we hope this moment was everything you hope and expect for, and we say, thank you for believing in us. We hope we can see you, and many who could not come to this event in our next one.

“Someone told me some time back, that you need to follow your heart, and for Juli & I that is exactly what our life is all about. So as we keep growing roots in this amazing location of the world, life keep crossing our paths with incredible souls, and for this we are forever thankful.”

Juli y Juan

Enjoy Our Fun Video!!

How about some pictures?

Thanks to The Enchanted Journey for this amazing pictures!