It all Starts Here…

The adventure continues and this time at Edwards House in Mountain Ave. We have three letters for this amazing establishment Wow!! What a treat!! We got recruited by Laura Pearson, owner of L Elizabeth Weddings and Events to make a Fun Lunch Experience for 35 guests.

Two sandwiches, specialty waters and lots of great loving service was in the simplest way, what we had been asked for. This was our first time working with Laura, and as always there is some excitement and good anxiety when teaming for the first time with an event expert. We put some calls, check out our venue, created logistics, offer menus, and we where ready to get the show on the road.

It is amazing to admire someone else art. As we arrived we just focused our attention into getting our magic deliver, but in no time, suddenly out of the blue, the space, had just transformed from this nice looking room, into a fairy tale one year old birthday paradise for family and friends. Laura and her team had done an amazing job, and we where proud to be part of this new adventure. I could keep writing more and more, but as the old saying says “A picture says more than one thousand words”… and in this case a video is also there!! =D

Laura, we can’t thank you enough for this great opportunity!, we hope that life brings us together and we can continue sharing our art with you. Our greatest admiration to you and your team on decorating the venue.

Once again, here in the gorgeous Fort Collins, Juli y Juan says to you all, “Have a One-derful Year!!! =D Until Our Next Adventure!

We Hope You Enjoy Some Pics