Catering Denver & Bringing Smiles to Those who Need It!!


CFPD Catering Denver – A Great New Journey!!

There are always new challenges in life, and they all differ from time to time. This past month we had an amazing great opportunity in our little Juli y Juan Company. Thru an amazing great friend that we have met in the Riviera Maya we got contacted with a true company. Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities or better known as CFPD, is an organization in Denver that seeks to enhance the independence and quality of life for people who are elderly or disabled and their families.  How cool is that!!!  They are into doing good!! into making a difference in our beloved Colorado and we are all into jumping all over those amazing and great opportunities.

So here we are facing new obstacles, new boundaries, new challenges. We had to hire the best crew ever to make this 175 people event work out! In our crew we had Taylor Strope Walker, Makenzie Matz, Estée, Juli & I. I decided to buy some walkie talkies and geared everyone up into one awesome team all tied up in great communication. Obviously it did not lasted long when we were all laughing and making jokes over the radios and just having a blast while we “Work” if you can call it that. Team, you guys ROCK that night and we could have never done it without you!! Can’t wait for the next event to call you and have a blast again.

We had the opportunity to meet all the CFPD team, which they are quite a few. But everyone had an amazing smile that day, and the new offices look amazing. If you have never heard about CFPD, I recommend you click on any of the links I am leaving in this blog, and honestly just indulge into what they are doing… you will not regret the time you will give them. Special thanks to Megan Brand the Executive Directorfor such an amazing job and an incredible opportunity!! We hope that everything came as you had expected!!

Well one more time here we are Juli y Juan sharing our passion and love for the Culinary Arts, so if you are out there and are looking to have some fun CALL US!!! We would love to try and help make it better!! =D

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