One Group that Loves Food!


Private Chef Dinner at Fort Collins

Last Monday we had the opportunity to do a private chef dinner in a gorgeous home with some a mazing people we have gotten to love on our adventures in Fort Collins!! Dan & Jeanne You guys ROCK!!

This adventure was a close group of friends who gather around an amazingly old style decorated table with chandeliers with candles on an great room atmosphere. As we started preparing the food and the house soon became filled with flavors, Taylor arrive to the help!! haha. The time goes so quick when you are just loving and living the moment, in no time where where done and soon it was time to wash everything and leave the kitchen spotless clean as we always love to do.

Dan & Jeanne thank you so much for such an amazing opportunity and for believing in our food. We love you both plenty mucho and we hope to keep filling your hearts with our passion and culinary arts!!

Until then we will continue to knock doors around the neighborhood and hopefully one day it will be yours!! Soy Juli y Juan say “Hasta Luego Amigos”!!!

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