Lovely, Lovely, LovelyFriends!!

Love Punch? Ha!! Now that is Lovely!! 

What a Lovely way of saying “I LOVE YOU MY FRIENDS!!!” This month is known for the love month, and this group of friends do know exactly how to make the best of it!

As one of our favorites people in Fort Collins, Kim called us to help her with this amazing event she wanted to do to her friends!! A day FOOD & LOVE, in a very unique KIM, style!! We started our engines running that lovely morning to have the time to create culinary arts and to be able to put all the LOVE into every little bite we created!!

The party started with an amazing LOVE PUNCH and some PINK MIMOSAS, and from there on it was all smooth and laughs here, and laughs there!! It was a total treat for this amazing group of friends!!

Girls thank you so much for all the love we felt from you!! we hope that throughout our food and smile you felt the same way!!! Anyone who wants any kind of recipe let us know as we are all for sharing our secrets!!

Kim, thank you for yet another amazing opportunity!! We hope that everything was as you hoped and that you had a blast with your friends!! We are forever blessed to feel part of your family!!

This is Juli y Juan wishing all to have a lovely week!! and remember that life is always better when you see it thru the LOVE PUNCH!! =D

A Lovely Video! 

What Awesome Pictures!