From Building Homes to Cooking at Homes!! It all Requires a Great Team!!

Savant Homes Christmas 2015

We have arrived to December 23rd in our December Party Rush and we are with one of our favourites of all times Savant Homes Inc. We had the honor to create their Christmas Company Dinner. Boy it was something fun!!!

This time we actually did not prepared food for anyone, but rather everyone prepared the food for everyones else!!. We just supervised and gave a few tips along the way!!! So we proposed a Workshop this time which was a total success!!!. In the Menu we had Italian and Fusion Mediterranean cuisine!!

As everyone got in Juli & I welcomed everyone and decided to divide the group into smaller groups… some of them where doing pasta from scratch, others raviolis, and like that we where making sure that everyone got their hands dirty and busy. It was a lot of fun as we got to see this amazing side of an incredible hard working team Savant Homes Inc. I little bit of this plus some alcohol in it made this day one to remember!!!

Juli & I have to congratulate everyone as they made delicious and great looking pieces of culinary art!!. So to all the Savant Homes Inc, Team!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! it was a blast having to play around with you all and hope to see you very soon!!

Special thanks to Alan & Kim Strope for giving us this amazing opportunity and we hope that it was everything you hoped!! We have to say that we love you so much and that we where so proud to have shared our passion and love for this fun & amazing culinary art.

So after many raviolis, and a few beers, Juli & I say “Gracias Amigos” We hope you are the happiest on anything you do!!! And hope that next time we can knock on you door and have a culinary blast!!!

Enjoy Some Fun Pics!