Shawn’s Eating Scallop count…. We lost it!!

Scallops here, Scallops there, Scallops everywhere!!! is probably the favourite dish of this amazing Family we feel blessed to call them friends.

This event was an absolutley amazing reunion of friends that, let me tell you, this is not the first time I see them in action, and I have to say they are crazy fun!! Since the moment they all arrived to the moment they all left, it was laugh after laugh after laugh!! hahah. We love the energy of this great events! We can’t ask for better ambiance for us to express our love for this crazy Art.

In this event we had an amazing young girl, who she is not only bright and pretty, but also has a talent for the Culinary Arts!! Makenzie!! You Rock!! Thank you so much for all you did, we are so proud and happy to have you around!! =D

Shawn and Heather you guys are awesome and your friends are very fun!! It was great to see some known faces and get to know new ones!! Thank you so much for a great opportunity!! I hope that your event was everything you hoped for as in our side we had a blast!!! Shawn We hope you had enough scallops for your 2015!!! =D

And once again we say good bye as we keep knocking doors & filling smiles with great food… we hope!!! From this gorgeous North Colorado Juli y Juan say “Choose to Be Happy”!!! and see you next time in your home!!!

We love you Guys!!