Now this is what We call A Christmas Party!!


“Sorry Santa, Naughty Just feels so Nice!!”

That was one of the hanging ornaments of this amazing Private Chef Christmas Party…. now, add a little or lot of alcohol to this Amazing group of friends and you have??? Well A ridicules fun party that gave much to talk!!!

It was our first December in Colorado and we have just arrived a few months back, and here we are in this crazy moth we call “December Party Rush”, we have been going from home to home doing Private Chef christmas events here and there, but we where looking for that ultimate event that will just blast all other away… No offence to all our friends we have been cooking for… but lets be honest here, we all know there is always “THAT” party that will be the one to remember until someone does a better one next year. For us Dani Welton’s Private Chef Christmas Party was our Noco’s favourite!! Way to go Dani!!

It was not the first time we worked in this beautiful estate in Windsor Colorado, in one legit kitchen that you can’t stop thinking that it is a treat to be there…  We arrived early as we love to do in all our private chef events, as we hate to rush, we do not want time to get in the way, but to get way to endless time. Its sounds all corny fun but it is just one of those philosophical things we like to indulge… Ok, I think I am sidetracking from the story here.

Juli & I started wiping and making our magic, setting our side of the bargain as Dani had decorated the entire house crazy amazing!! there was a christmas tree with a Cowgirl Hat at the top!! haha That is a first time and I loved it!, you could feel uniqueness and expression everywhere!!

In no time a train rush of people arrived, and we where pulling sliders, onion rings, jalapeño poppers and lots of fun finger foods… the crowd in no time was on this amazing Christmas Train and on for a fantastic night!!… what!!… you think I was going to tell and the Naughty that happened in the party??? HA! I am sorry to disappoint you, but If you where not there, maybe there is something in life you need to change, because this group of Amazing friends is something everyone should be looking for!!! Dani & Brady you guys ROCK!!! We are so thankful, and feel so lucky we where part of this story!!

With all the naughty stories in my head,I leave you readers, as Juli & Juan keep moving from place to place sprinkling Magic Food Dust helping party visionaries ROCK THEIR PARTIES!!! =D