House Catering – Cooking in a 9,000,000 dollars Home?? What a Treat!!!  


Sotheby’s Open House Catering – When a great friend and an amazing Realtor, Kevin Holbrook from Sothebys international in Telluride contacted us to do a catering for a 9,000,000 million dollar home, we almost fall back of our seats!! “What an amazing opportunity!! An the Kitchen of that home???” we thought “It must be amazing” So a new adventure began!!

As always the drive to Telluride is not the shortest from Fort Collins but we cannot deny that the road there is just unbelievably gorgeous!! and the city of Telluride is another amazing magical place to be…

We arrived to the house for the Sotheby’s Open House Catering, and did not even had the amount of people confirmed, nor what menu they wanted, but as good friends they trusted that it was not going to be a problem, we where going to be able to do our part! As in our philosophy of work, we do not just provide food, but we become part of the entire experience and that is just what we love to do… So we arrived to this magnificent and ridicules home in the middle of the mountains and what can we say, it is just a piece of art! The entire home was just redecorated and it was astonishing, but when we got to the kitchen… its like enchanted music started playing inside my head, until Kevin turn on the TV to watch football while we set up everything!! Thanks Kevin!! hahah

The realtors started to arrive and we had for them ready some amazing tenderloin panninis, salads, and all sorts of goodies that honestly I would just watch the pictures below, because it does not matters how much I describe them, it will never be the same.

Sotheby’s we appreciate the trust!!, Kevin as always, thank you very much for this amazing opportunity!! Thank you for trusting in us, and for making us part of your passion in life… we hope you enjoy the our experience, and it was everything you expected!! =D

So from the gorgeous mountains of Telluride in this amazing Colorado,  Juli y Juan say See you Soon!!! And hope we can come more and more often!!

Look at this Awesome Estate!!!