Christmas Dinner Two Skirts Telluride A Close Call to Fail!!

When Kristin contacted us, and ask if we could host Two Skirts Telluride Christmas Dinner, We where so thrill to have this amazing honor. Not only we were going to have a fantastic time with everyone, but we were driving to this amazing little town in the middle of the mountains called Telluride.

As we started our journey we placed the address in Maps and it said 7 hours, so we were excited. We  left home with plenty of time to spare, but what we did not plan was to get hit by two winter blizzards… its was a lot of fun actually, the only set back is that we drove for about 12 hours.

 As soon as we got to our destination for the Christmas Dinner, we looked at the clock and had 2 hours to have everything ready!! OMG that was a close call!! But never the less another amazing great adventure!! Luckily dinner came along really nice, everyone had a fantastic time and at the end everyone lived happily ever after… =D

This is Juli y Juan as we set from place to place sharing our magic and passion for the Culinary Arts, so hopefully next time we will be at your place!!