Cooking Workshop for a Passionate Cooking Family & Della Parola Team!!


This Cooking Workshop is one for the memories!! We loved to have had the amazing chance to have meet the Mascio Family and their friends in this amazing time we all spent together. What a treat for us, and hopefully it was the same of you. The atmosphere was amazing, the comradery, the friendship, it just felt like the perfect night. So we had one challenge, and that was to create pasta that was gluten free in order to do this menu… and lucky not long ago someone had proposed a great flour and it did the trick!!. Obviously we passed the tip to the Mascio’s and I am sure for now on they will be able to create their own pasta!!… I mean this family has food in their veins, partially Italian, and from their youngest kid to the dad everyone loves to be in the kitchen.

Della Parola Capital Management Inc’s Team was over the top incredible in the kitchen as well, so much fun to work with everyone, this team has something very special, and we congratulate you for an amazing night!

David & Monica, thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to create this Cooking Workshop and meet your family and your business team. We are truly grateful, and hope that your event was everything you hoped.

This is Juli y Juan saying, “Don’t forget to choose to be happy in life”, and until our next adventure we wish you all the best of life!

Pic Pics Pics!!!