SpokesBUZZ CD Release VI – What a BUZZ!!!

There are a few things that one must love about what they do, but this last Friday was definitely one that we loved being part of it… SpokesBUZZ CD Release VI. It all started with a call from this amazing person, Taylor Walker, who was mainly putting all the show together, We where asked to donate our time for an amazing cause… so when we knew we where going to be a wagon on the train to help young musical artist have a shot on performing their passion, we could have never refuse!! As we love helping people perform…so we tied our Juli y Juan wagon to the SpokesBUZZ Train an decided to share our culinary passion.

The SpokesBUZZ CD Release VI

It all happen thanks to more great groups, one called High Country Beverage and New Belgium Brewery. Orchestrated by Taylor Walker, and I know many other, SpokesBUZZ invited a few people to a VIP Pre-Party to celebrate the release of their anual SpokesBUZZcompilation CD, Band Together: Volume VI.

Our adventure happen as we arrived to this private and incredible space where the party was going to happen, we arrived with our boxes of goodies as we love to do, and it was time to play our flavour melodies for everyone who was about to arrive… In no time we had the first two, couples, and in a matter of seconds the room was filled with hungry musicians and fans, and followers, supporters and just the right people who needed to be there. We would say around 70 persons at some point. The table where we set up the food was filled with delicious fun bites and people where going around and around, enjoying the atmosphere, drinks and food, as we where dancing to their eating rhythm keeping the plates filled as much as we could!! We got to see old friends, and more familiar faces, as we have just been in Fort Collins for about 2 months settled in… Finally in a matter of seconds, like when someone trows a bone to a pack of hungry wolves, everyones was out of the building, and the event was over, the next party continued at Hodi’s Half Note. Unfortunately we could not go as we had to be in Telluride the next day for another event… but as Taylor said… “Guys, you are on the list if you want to go”, and we that we felt so lucky and well taken care as we gather our circus wagon and continue our adventure.

So many to thank for this great opportunity, but SpokesBUZZ & Taylor Walker specially for thinking on us, and giving us the opportunity to perform our art in your event, thank you for the trust and we just love to be part of this amazing SpokesBUZZ CD Release VI!! Hope that we stay in your heart for your next event!

Our adventure continues as there are more hungry mouths out there!! This is Juli y Juan wishing you all the love from Us as we say “Hasta la Próxima Amigos!!!! and never forget tho THINK-FEEL-ACT on every thing you do in life!!

Juli, Taylor & Juan

Juli, Taylor & Juan

Check Out Some Pictures of the Event!!