This Thanksgiving – 2 Turkeys Vs 35 Hungry Mouths!!Not Fair!! 


Nothing like cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for 35 Hungry mouths!! What a treat!!! It all started with our first considerable snow fall as we drove from Fort Collins to Denver, it took us about two and a half hours… we where printing road marks… we packed the back of our truck which it had turned into the biggest cooler ever!! so cool!! as we always think about life, any adversity is just part of the great adventure we call life!

So we arrived early as we had plan to serve Thanksgiving dinner around 3pm… and there is something so fun about cooking around people you love that makes everything so much fun and better!! We dance to the rhythm of the kitchen and as I was doing bread juli pretty much was doing everything else!! haha well after all she is the Chef and I am the Sous Chef… So back to the story… suddenly in a matter of 5 minutes it was 3 a clock and like a gust of wind we had 35 hungry mouths ready for Thanksgiving in this gorgeous home, it was like walking next to the lonely railroad track as you admire the tranquility of the field and suddenly the train passes and the world just revolts in a matter of an instance, except this train was filled with laughs and smiles, and hugs and all the greatness of a warmth family gathering… it made me miss my family…

Luckily enough they are like family to us know and we got hugs, and welcome kisses, and smiles, we jumped into that magnificent train and well the rest is better to see the pictures!! Lanoha Family you are amazing and we love you so much and thank you for making us part of your adventures, we cannot wait for the next time we meet!!

This is Juli y Juan saying “Hasta la Vista Turkey” and hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving story as the one we lived at this great family home… see ya soon!!! =D