Happy Birthday Dave!!

What life brings to all of us, is just full of surprises. After a few years of not seeing this amazing great friends, we suddenly got an email that said “Hi Juli y Juan, its Dave Birthday and we would love for you to Cater it”… It was just such a treat to have heard from them, not to say to have the chance to show our love in our most passionate way.

So we drove to Denver and arrived in this amazing and magnificent family. As we started cooking more familiar faces started showing up, and in no time the room was filled with laughs, stories, smiles and just the perfect environment for a this special event. 

Dave & Marcia, you have an amazing family and for that we take our hats off. 

Congratulations, you have outdone it!! Dave Happy birthday, you are an amazing man and look up to you in admiration.

So one more time we had a chance to express our love for our art. One more time, we got to share it, and see the smiles and magic that gets to be created behind a family gathering!! We just love what we do and cannot wait for the next adventure… We say good bye to all and as a good friend of mine said to us, “Choose to be Happy”!

Fun Pictures!!