Nothing like walking into a new home!! Specially in Halloween!!… and more in USA!! OMG, that is something you need to do!! It is fun to see how everyone lives their own Halloween spirit!!, and in this gorgeous home from our friends Dani & Brady Welton, was not the exception!! She had an entire hunted halloween city next to her fireplace!! Way to go Dani!! Love it!!

The party was a total success!! It was girls gathering… plenty…around 20!! So to an extend I was the only guy in there… “now that can be scary!” haha… 

We presented a buffet style cater “All American Style” so at the same time food was coming out of the kitchen, it was being taken from the serving plates!! We love when this happens as there is nothing like fresh-made-food-to-eat.

Dani & Brady!! Thank you so much for an amazing opportunity and we hope you had a fantastic time  as we had a blast!! Until next time, Juli y Juan says good bye to all and never forget to Think-Feel-Act whatever it is you love to do!!

How About some Fun Still!!