Building Amongst Pros!!

Nothing like waking up at 4:30 am, kicking the rooster up of bed and saying hello to Mr. Sunshine 2 hours after… once we have breakfast in the table. In this incredible morning we catered early risers amongst the world of building and everything that goes around it. We where amongst the best of the region. Alan & KimStrope offered one of their dream Savant Homes to host a NAHB Professional Remodelers meeting… 

All the ingredients where there, and as Juli and I focused and discussed the creation of a symphony of flavours, our fellow builders where discussing and exchanging their passions in order to bring and offer the best to this region.

What was in our menu?? Well just check our the menu on the right, as we had the opportunity to offer a combinations of two worlds that has inspired our hearts, minds and spirits into creating this amazing new boundary we called Creative Fusion Cuisine.

Some Fun Pictures!