We Raised $5000 in the Respite Care Ball!! A Team Effort that Will Make many Kids Smile!!

One Night Effort for a Thousand Smiles! 

….“Going once, going twice…. SOLD for $5000 dollars!!” said Reggie Rivers as Juli & I were in total awe about what just had happen. I could not think on anything else to do than to Kiss Juli, get up of my chair around the table and hug some of the most amazing supporters life has put in our path; Alan & Kim Strope from Savant Homes

Who would have though at just a week or two from arriving from our Gastronomic Tour, we where going to be invited by Kim trope to be part of this magnificent event. Back then, we did not even knew what Respite Care was all about, but as we go on life, sometimes we say yes and then ask questions… It gives some sense of adventure, but the reality is that if Kim & Alan where behind this I new there was something good cooking around. So we jumped in the plan and off the adventure started.

Our first stop was to visit Respite Care Facilities as we had no idea what was all about. There we met Maegan Batson, Development Director at Respite Care, Inc & Lauren WhynottDevelopment Associate at Respite Care, Inc. who gave us a tour of the facilites and literally planted the seed of Respite Care in us. Such amazing persons both, we finished and where all excited to be part of it!!

So here we where two crazy chefs trying to figure out how to be part of what we found out later was one of the biggest events on the region. So we went on to doing what we always do, and we called our filmmaker artist buddy John E. Hunt from Wanderlust.com who has an amazing talent in video and he created a fun promotional master piece, at the same time Juli and I created the Menu and off we where ready for the Ball.

Nothing would have prepared us for the reality behind everything we hear… The place looked magical, everyone was all dressed so nice and pretty, as we have never been to anything remotely like it, but everyone was in a great mood, even thinking now it kind a feels like a great dreams that its fading details as days goes on, and as much as we would love to make it forever, we are just so thankful to be part of this magical town of Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado region, we are so thankful for everyone behind Us, that is believing in our dream, and is pushing it forward, we want to say that we are forever grateful, and that we can’t wait to help out again, and be part of another fun adventure.

So the big question is WHO WON THE AUCTION??????

For now we say thank you all, and until our next adventure in the near future!! You are all amazing and you know who we are talking about!! This is Juli y Juan wishing you all to “Choose to Be Happy”!!

What An Experience!!! Pics!!