Nothing Like a Fun Christmas Party Amongst Your Fellow Co-workers!! 

A Culinary Gathering to Remember!!

Some say that making a difference in this world one needs to start from within. This is exactly what the amazing company of Savant Homes Inc. is doing, making the difference by having fun building a strong team that can enjoy and be passionate on what each one does; and what better way than a gastronomic gathering workshop!! ...drinking, smiling, learning, laughing, eating & cooking were amongst the main ingredients!!

This Christmas for the second year in a row, Savant Homes Inc., has called Juli and I to help out with their Company Christmas Party by collaborating on a special gathering that everyone would enjoy... What exactly happened in the party will be in the memories of everyone that was there, and I can say that it was a privilege to have been part of something so magical and unique!! 

Kim, Al and the rest of your amazing team, we Thank you for being a pleasure to hang with, and for embracing us the same way have embraced you. This experience for us stays in our memories for long. We can only wish that you all keep up that amazing energy!!



We love you and please enjoy the rest of the story through this fun pictures!!!

Thank you and Juli & I say FELIZ NAVIDAD AMIGOS!!! 

PD: Jasmine You Rocked!! Thank you for being there! we are very proud of you. =D


Thank You for all the time you spent with Us.