Amazing Wedding Day with Angel & AJ

This incredible wedding took place in an amazing place in Denver. A place with so much intriguing history; there are tales of ghosts in the 3rd flood. Spooky!!! But this day we where there to be part of an amazing celebration of love an adventure!! 

Angel & AJ thank you so much for such an amazing opportunity! It was an absolute joy to have catered your wedding. The place, the moment, the celebration, everything came out amazing under the roof of Grant-Humphreys Mansion. Thank you for making us part of your life. We will always remember you. 

Thanks to Taylor Strope from Mountainside Events who did a magnificent job as an event planner.


To Grant-Humphreys Mansion for the amazing opportunity as well. We look forward to making more fun events along your side. 

We say good night and hasta pronto amigos!!

People: 120 | Place: Great-Humpgreys Mansion | City: Denver

Enjoy this wonderful pictures from the amazing Johnny Robson!!

Thank you for every minute you spent with us.