What an Amazing CATERING with FCWA!!!

BE Part of the CATERING Evolution!

NoCoWEP is now the Fort Collins Wedding Association (FCWA)! Their launch party was a huge success! 

From 0 to 100% into a catering wedding world!

Since last year that Casey Muller decided to contact us for a small coffee meeting. From this "Mocca" meeting the idea grew tremendous in the last year. We decided to start focusing on weddings. Since then we have been on the adventure of sharing our passion with those who are trying to make a magical day. We have decided to gear towards weddings as we love details and the opportunity to help those who really want their dreams to come true. 

Juli and I never know where life will takes us, but for now we are here in Fort Collins Colorado, and we cannot stop living our dreams, we cannot stop seeing that there is always something we can all do to make things better.

This year we had the opportunity to cater the Fort Collins Wedding Association and it was an honor for Juli and I to do it.

Photo by  John Robson

Photo by John Robson

What was on the menu?? Well just Click the Picture below!!


We truly felt the love from everyone, I have to say that it was an amazing event that opened our heart and minds into a great group of professionals that are trying to make a difference in the "Wedding World". We are truly thankful for giving us this opportunity and we can only hope that Juli & I can offer something to better the community. 

We are just quoting FCWA on their thank you note. "Also a big thanks those businesses that stepped up to provide their services: Juli y Juan's Kitchen for the amazing food, Wilbur's Total Beverage for the drinks, RC Special Events for the tables/linens, Bliss Wedding Florist for the table decor, Fort Collins Strings for the entertainment, Mark Creery Photography and John Robson for their photos, and Colorado Sound for Emceeing."


We hope you enjoyed our food & attention. 

Mark Creery Photography and John Robson