Live cooking amongst friends and artists!! 

All for the Love of Catering with the Community of Fort Collins

I have to say that this party was something that we will remember for a long time. Our amazing friends and host Brooks Hinkle put together.

What a fun afternoon, as the day progressed and the alcohol went into our bloodstream the music pumping in our hearts and food mingling among many mouths it feel a great energy of community and friends... a true gathering that brought so many souls into one backyard to unleash smiles and laughs, to listen to stories and enjoy a magnificent lifestyle that this gorgeous community can offer. Not to forget that our amazing friends from RC Special Events provided a great service as well. We have to say that we feel proud to have had the opportunity to be part of this day. Brooks you rocked this day my friend!! Let's make it a tradition!! 

Let me tell you who WAS the casting crew:

Johnny & The Mongrels 
Post Paradise

Arcadian Pictures

Food & Drinks:
Juli y Juan's Kitchen
John Hunt as Bartender

RC Special Events

With this Juli and I say
"Happy Trails Fort Collins!!"


Check out this Awesome Video of the party from Arcadian Pictures!!

Thank You for Your Trust Brooks!!


Enjoy some amazing pictures of this fun Summer Bash!!

Thank you for each minute you spent with US.
With Love Juli y Juan