Cheers United & Juli y Juan's Kitchen Team Up!!

Fun Times Collaborating & Catering to Friends on a Networking Event

There is always fun adventures out there, and then there are the one you just have to jump off the cliff and open your wings on the way down. Cheers United, congratulations on this amazing step!! 

It was a great start for the first Networking event for Cheers United as it continues to grow and to offer amazing new opportunities to the community. Check them out at and get blown by their amazing beer tours!! Juli and I have been in one and they are just super fun!! Check the fun video made by Arcadian Pictures in this incredible adventure on a beer tour.

Thank you Kaarina and Cheers United for this great opportunity to be part of your story. We are blessed and hope your adventures continue to grow. 

This is Juli y juan saying "Beer You Later!!!"


Video Created by Arcadian Pictures

Check Out this Fun Food Pictures of the Event!!