Verboten Brewing & Juli y Juan's Kitchen Paired Up for this Fun Catering Adventure in Loveland!!

Nothing like Local Artist Joining Forces

Angie Grenz from Verboten Brewing in Loveland gave us a call after a great friend of ours whispered in her ear that we could deliver tacos, and the idea came together; Beer & Tacos Pairing. 

This experience was new for us. Never we have paired tacos in our lives, so it was the perfect excuse to do so. We went on and did our research and found some fun useful information on hows and whys of beer pairings. So after we nerds out the texts it was time for our brain and our tong to start coming up with good ideas, check out the menu to see what we came up with to pair Verboten beer list with. 

What happen in the event? 

Well as much as I would love to tell you there is no better way than checking out the pictures taken by this awesome photographer & graphic designer John Robson with his company Days at Camp

A Grateful Note

Dear Verboten Brewing, thank you very much for giving us this amazing opportunity. Brooks thank you for all your amazing work!! You rock Girl!! We hope that our experience was exactly what you where looking for in us. We can say that it definitely was for us. Thank you and our amazing friends who where there supporting us and helping us make it possible. Also thanks to all the people who attended for supporting artist making a living. It is because of you all why we are here. See you soon Loveland. 


Place: Verboten Brewery
City: Loveland

Enjoy this Amazing video of the event,
created by
Arcadian Pictures

The Story Captured in Photos;
is there a better way?