The Path to a Wedding or Event Should Be Fun and Adventurous, Not Stressful and Oppresive.

Wedding season is just around the corner and this year, we wanted to be as prepared as we could so we can just enjoy this amazing magical events we all call Weddings!! =D 

At the end of last wedding season, Juli & I learned plenty from the community, the business and "the industry" to decided that we where going to do things in a different way. A way that would benefit us all, from the client perspective, the vendor perspective, and not to forget our natural environment perspective. This ideas came to mind because last year we where able to see what "this Industry" does to all of the mentioned above. I have to say that to begin, it was crazy the pace it makes you live between weddings, and tastings, and creating menus at the same time. Very stressful, to points we wanted to just drop everything and move on with our lives. But we also know that adapting is a process in life, and here we are adapting to the USA train. One of the great things, is that we are stubborn and both big nerds that believe in learning and evolving, so we can leave something behind where we can all benefit in the future. Let me say it very simple: Not everything is about money. We say this in the best possible way and to not suffer the crazy consequences of high season in Northern Colorado. I am sure there are many people from the planning to the delivering, who understand what I mean!! =D

First and very important: our environment. The amount of trash we all create in our events, it is insane!!, so because of this, we are only working with 100% recycle dish-ware as a start. If you are asking, It is not that much more expensive than plastic and styrofoam when you add the cost of trashing oceans, rivers and hence everything that lives from it... INCLUDING US!, so we invite everyone to join this change. 

Second: The political face. I am just going to jump into this complicated and kind of business-political topic, and since we are part of a community in Fort Collins who wants to leave a better world that the one we are inheriting, we need to speak up: In our short path, Juli & I have encounter many kind of ways our society do business, some incredibly amazing, were they are exaples to follow and learn, and some, it almost feels like it is not a fair way, playing all kinds of sales and business tactics, where they want to position themselves to never give away into their business demands. Example: presuring clients to sign before they get a chance to completely understand who they are signing for their event/wedding. We do not agree with this tactics, as we belibe the fairest ground are always meeting in the middle tactics.

In our experience, we have seen a great deal of ways that we feel are everyones best selling tools: like your kindness, your undertanding, your flexibilty, your profesionalism, your art, your creativity, your atention to remember that this is not only about money or you, but about your client; you are not just a business, you are a performer in someone else's theatrical act. So to all those great business that are already aplying this amazing tactics, we thank you for making our community a greater community. =D 

Finding out this realities as we walk in our path, has been a great inspiration to make things better-different according to us, to make them just, to make them fun, to make them flow according to nature's needs, to make them affordable and adventurous. Juli and I have been listening to our community, and rest assure we are creating our company with a flexibility to meet in the middle. As it is because of You, our clients, that we get the opportunity to do what we love the most; creating fun gastronomicl events. We are always trying to turn any situation into an adventure, were there is practically a stress free environment. You are about to plan the most amazing party of your lives and it shoud be incredible since the moment you said YES!! So rest assure that with us, there is no signing anything until: we have meet, provided a personalized menu, and most important, until you have try food samples from your chosen menu!!! Remember that when you are planning an event, there should always be a feeling of flexibility on both ends, as the path to a wedding should be fun and adventurous, not stressful and oppressive.

A piece of Advise from Us

"Get To Know Your vendors & their business ethics Before You Sign Anything!!"


Our promise to you is the same as the promise to ourselves: to do everything we do with love and passion, to always prioritize the quality of our art, to operate professionally and with an open mind, to constantly search for new ways to learn and improve, and finally- to be ourselves.

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