Get Your Tacos!!! Get Your Tacos!!! 

This Past Week We Got The First Taste of Street Food Tuesday!!!

As promised, a great collaboration between Juli y Juan's Kitchen and The Articulate came together to create a small Pop-Up Taco Station. We hope to see more and more people arrive!! It is open to public!!! This will happen the first Tuesday of each month and we will be bringing street taco recipes to change the flavor and flair of your lunch time!! 

In a very casual environment, we strive to be as close to our friends and community as life allows it. Taco Tuesday is exactly for that, a way to see each other more often and for us to share our love for our cultural background and infuse it with you all!!! 

Do not miss the next appearance on April 3rd!! Same Place Same time!!! =D

What was on the Taco Menu?


April 3rd @ The Articulate from 11:30am to 1:30pm. 


Special Thanks to The Articulate for This Great Collaboration!! 

Enjoy This Awesome Pictures, Courtesy of John Robson, from Days at Camp

Thank You For Every Minute You Spent with Us, We Cherish Your Time.