We are a Society of Storytellers 

How?, Why?, Where?, What?, Art?

What an amazing day was this last May 19th. Not only did we got to express our love for the culinary arts, but we also got to share it... and not only share the flavor, but also the story that went behind the passion, and creations of some of our dishes. 

A few months ago a young fellow called Seth Silvers approached to us and asked us if we wanted to be part of this great event. The name? Story OnThis great name captivated our interests and once we heard the whole enchilada, we were on for the challenge. Juli and I needed to convert a room into a culinary story. From the food to the words and the atmosphere.  

Obviously there was nothing really hard to think about it. Juli & I have Mexico embedded in our life, we have absorbed the love and passion that they share with the world, and we wanted to do the same. So we decided we were going to create a crazy Mexican party!!, with tacos and margaritas for menu. We had envisioned to transform the entire room into a colorful-crazy-shocking kind of exaggerated Mexican street.

What happened? Well what better way to tell the story than thru the eyes of our amazing friend and photographer John Robson... and here is what he captured as the night happened and the food and smiles filled that gorgeous room at The Articulate in our beloved city of Fort Collins.

Take in consideration that we were just one of the stories of the night. Other artists exposed their story as well. 

Thanks to our Awesome Staff!! You all rocked it!! =D 

Enjoy The Amazing Journey Thru
The Eyes Of John Robson

Story On - Juli y Juan - May19-103.jpg

Thank you for every minute you spent with us. We cherish it.