Street Food Tuesday's Keeps Rolling

On June 5th we jumped out of our third straight month of Mexican Cuisine and we started traveling into other directions of street flavors in our world. We decided that Greece was going to be our next destination. We also decided to make things a little simpler and since it's summer, we thought "Why not do it outside?" At 95 degrees, it was a hot day for sure!! =D

"Street Food Tuesday" came out of our belief that we can unite our community through food. Our awesome crew, Juli & I believe that a world that moves together is a stronger world... and what better way to get to know other cultures than food? We are creatures who are somewhat confused of the term fear. It does not matter what meaning it has; we normally run in the opposite direction. But, in our crazy minds' process we feel that fear is our compass, and instead of running away

from fear, which is kind of crazy because you cannot run when it lives inside you, is what you should face, conquer, make it normal, realize that the unknown is a great place to be, it makes our lives more adventurous. It depends how you see it, how you believe it.

We believe that if we can keep exploring our world through food, we can realize what other cultures have to offer, and we can cross those imaginary lines that divide us. That, if we get to know each other, we can realize that we are not as different as we might think... We all share very similar traits, with some little changes of color and flavor, as food does. We invite you to come with us and travel the world on a culinary ride that will take you through many street food flavors around the world! This is part of our contribution, it is our way to unite our community and share our passion for a brighter and better future.

How about our special Guest!!
John E. Hunt "AKA" PANAMAA

Help Us Unite Our World Thru Food

NEXT EVENT JUNE 10th - American Cuisine!!

Special Thanks to John Robson For this Amazing Photography!! Love you, Johnny!! 

Street Food Tuesday - Juli y Juan - Greek June-11.jpg

Thank you all for being part of this amazing moment!! We cherish your support!! See you next month!!