It is Never to Late to Say "I Do."

Food, Love & Drinks was the theme of this amazing couple and gorgeous people that we had the pleasure of cooking for their wedding reception. But this was not your traditional crowd. The groom and the bride have been with us for quite some time in this world. Proving that it is never to late to say - "I Do."  

Around 70 guests attended this fun and prosperous evening. Since we started planning with William & Kay, everything was just easy and fun. They trusted in our creative input and since it is never about us, we went all the way with them!! 

It took place in their gorgeous home, where in a matter of minutes there were people left and right, Juli & I in the kitchen, Estée backing us making sure everything keeps flowing,  John hunt in the Bar and the amazing table of desserts provided by Sarah Bakery!! Yum!!! 

No matter how many times we have had the pleasure of cooking in peoples homes, there is always a new adventures, always a fun story, always the challenges and the humbleness of feeling grateful that once again we are doing what we love to do for a living.  

William & Tay, thank you very much for this incredible opportunity and for trusting in us to help make part of your dream come true. We had a blast!.

Special thanks to Lauralyn Hogan for everything you did, you are an amazing woman!

So until our next event, this was one more for the records!! and loving it!!

Enjoy some Fun Pictures of the Event!!