Food & Love

Under the Eagles Nest Sun

Never Had Not Made It…

In the catering world you always hope everything is going to work perfectly and things are just going to roll into it’s own place… but the reality is that they never do. Here is where experience, planning, professionalism and love to your art comes in handy to be able to say the famous food phrase… “Never Had Not Made It”.

This day was an amazing opportunity for Juli and I to practice to flow with life’s difficult situations… At the end it all worked out perfect and the groom and bride had an incredible meal.

Thank you for the Opportunity

We definitely want to thank Dominic & Allisa, for giving us the trust to do what we love the most, for giving us a chance to express our love for the Culinary Arts. Thanks to Mountainside Events for their amazing Event planing, and to everyone at Eagles Nest Ranch for being so supportive and incredible people. We look forward to having as many opportunities up in your gorgeous venue.

Event: Wedding | Guests: 90
Location: Eagles Nest Ranch

Proposed Menus



How about his amazing pictures by
John Robson Photography!!! =D
Thanks amigo we love your art!

Thank you all for every moment you spent with us. We cherish you time more than anything in the world. =D