Catering Grace & Brian's Wedding Day

The Adventure...

It all started like any other given day. A few calls here, and there exchanging ideas and dreams to be made. For us the adventure of doing their wedding sounded more and more appealing. They wanted to do it at their gorgeous home, we where going to collaborate with great artists, the family was amazing to talk to, it was just a great flow of events... Then the tasting. 

The Tasting...

This day was a fabulous one. We got to really meet everyone involved in the wedding as we were creating the wedding tasting. Their home kitchen is like a dream kitchen and so we got into our outfits and all together where just enjoying the moment; laughs, jokes, smiles, food, drinks and companionship was all there. This by the way is the recopy to any successful gathering... in the end we where all ready for the big day to arrive. =D 

Jenny, Grace & Brian, thank you so much for this wonderful day!! What a great gift was to be able to share this day with you. =D 

The Wedding Day...

Juli & I love to get tour events as early as we can. We do not like to work under pressure as you cannot completely create the necessary bonding with the battle field. We need to allow the creative aspect to flow and to be able to understand what would be the best way to create the logistics, organize and deliver everything in the timely manner... and all having a fabulous time during the process. The kitchen was ready, the food was warming, the wedding was starting and at this point, there is only one thing to do; let go and enjoy the ride. 

We served to 165 guests in a "Family Style" dinner. Casey Muller from Pink Dimond Events (event Planner) outdid herself delivering and coordinating a magical day. Way to go!!! and together along many other artist we where able to give Grace & Brian, and their family and friends a memorable day in a celebration of love. 

Event: Wedding | Guests: 165
Location: Private Home in Fort Collins



How About Some Behind the Scenes Catering Pictures Captured by John Robson Photography

Your work is amazing!! All the Love from Us!!

Thank You For Every Moment You Spend With Us. We Cherish Your Friendship.