A Wedding Under the
Colorado Climate Temper!!!

The Rollercoaster of Life... it does happens.

The entire adventure with Ashley & Ben was one that we can only be grateful to life and to them. Since the moment we meet at the coffee place, to the day we were presenting their meal at their wedding, it was an adventure that we will always remember.

The Tasting...

This day was a complete blast!! Ashely & Ben open their amazing home as we love to share our tastings in the comfort of our clients life. The laughs, the love, the toasts, it was a true great experience!! Thank you and we take this great memory with us. 

The Day...

I am not going to lie, this day was a true Colorado Climate Temper day... I think the Gods could not decide if the weather was going to be rainy, hail, sunny, windy, calm... As everyone inside the gorgeous venue of Windsong Estate Events Center was trying to accommodate to each change of climate, the kitchen was getting ready and then waiting, then ready then waiting... a true adventure as we see it. We were running outside to bring hot food from the ovens in a crazy moment of rain, and then 30 seconds after, the sun was coming out... It is so true what people in Colorado say about their weather... "Ohh It's Colorado Weather!!" which really it just means, anything can happen regardless of the day and season.

Event: Wedding | Guests: 165
Location: Windsong Estate Events Center

To Ashley & Ben,

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to be part of your life's celebration and for letting us express our love for the Culinary Art. We hope that we were able to meet your expectations and that your guests had a great time, which by the looks, it seems that everyone was having a blast!! =D All the love from Juli & I, and we hope to catch up with you two in the months to come. Remember that life is no more than just an adventure, live it this way, and you will never get disappointed with it.    With Love Juli y Juan.

Their Menu Proposal

Meanwhile in the Kitchen...

Thaks to John Robson for capturing this amazing pictures of this wonderful day. 

Thank You For Every Moment You Spent With Us, We Cherish Your Time.