When Love Meets Food

Thank You For Being You

I have to say that meeting Peter and Liz was like a fun roller coaster. On our first meeting there was not much open, but as we all started to get to know each other a great communication was open and the excitement of planning the food sparked and we where all in the same awesome train to make a fantastic adventure together.

The tasting was one that we would never forget. As you all may know we do our tasting in our clients home and they invite a few friends to have 6 in total, they bring alcohol, we bring food and it is a personal in-home chef experience, a small ‘taste’ of what their menu was all going to be about. We all had a great time, made the necessary arrangement and off we where ready for the next steps.

Wedding Day

This is when all the planning and all the details come into play. Since we all had a great communication we where all ready to enjoy their selection of food choices and just ready to have a great time at The Preserve at Bingham Hill Event Center.

Thank You Peter & Liz

We are always so grateful to our adventurers to open with us and allow us to express what we love the most; to cook and be marry around great people with courage to express their love. Guys we wish you the very best in your adventure and please know that love is just the begging of understanding the concept. It is like the tip of an iceberg. Enjoy the ride and be great to each other every day of your life. Remember life is just an adventure!!


Event: Wedding | Guests: 120
Location: The Preserve at Bingham Hill

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