We Feel there is a Need to Improve Our Industry

Food has always been one of humanity’s most amazing journeys. It enables life, then sustains it, and therefore it represents our fundamental connection with nature. As we have discovered, we “Learn to Eat to Learn to Heal,” and “You are what you Eat.” Through food we are connected to others, we create stories, and we experience how it makes us unique. As the great George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no Love more sincere than the Love for Food.”

In an increasingly busy world, many wonderful gastronomic traditions are being forgotten. Part of our mission is to preserve and resurrect these traditions, and to remind us of how the art of cooking and eating brings us together.

The upside to a busy world, is a world more accessible. Our advancements in Travel provide us with a valuable opportunity to learn from other cultures and the nutrients that their respective environments provide.

We strive to take the positives from our changing world by finding healthy and creative ways to adapt to it. The entire planet now hosts the garden from which we eat, enabling people from all cultures to share a table and eat together.


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